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No matter how ‘Zen’ you are or how many times you meditate on a day; there’s always that fucked up day waiting for you around the corner – ya know what I mean, when all things go wrong Replica Fendi Handbags.

Replica Fendi Handbags

You can smell it from the moment you wake up, getting up on the wrong side of the bed – oh gosh, I NEED TO WORK TODAY! You turn off your alarm clock, go for a shower, brush your teeth, and get changed – all against your will. Those days at work feel like ‘life going slow motion’.

They say fashion is all about expressing yourself right? So when life gives you lemon, you go lemon. Though creative and embellished with glamorous pave crystal stones, wear the Replica Fendi Handbags for the terrible days. Forget about the pumps, heels and floral sandals, your thermostatic mood has already turned blue, just put those simple Kate Spade Lemon Sneakers on like instant noodles; quick and easy.

Your lemon outfit, perhaps your colleague will understand the ‘is not your day attitude’ and will ignore you or at least keeps their speeches short. Replica Fendi Handbags for $348 at Burberry Replica Handbags e-store.