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It’s Replica Balenciaga Handbags playing again in the dark, and this time with their new going-out-and-about Leila clutch bag. The size, the style and the brand, everything seems to be a perfect fit, but is it?

If you need a touch of sparkle in your life, call Balenciaga hotline, I am sure they have something to treat your obsession. But for now, just stick with the Leila seasonal clutch bag in black. It’s glorified with patent to make it shine and beautified with a gold star on the front flap. Feel special!

Replica Balenciaga Handbags

The size is well thought and balanced. You see, the Leila clutch can swallow your iPad. Yes, I am telling the truth, it fits! But then you ask: ‘Is it big?’. Well, you can tuck it under your arm, do you consider that big? Nah!

The interior is fine too! With black and stone line, gosh! Open the bag with the magnetic clasp and for the winter season, this clutch is perfect for day and night. At Replica Balenciaga Handbags for £275 GBP.

Sometimes it doesn’t need to be handsome or funny. Tall and strong doesn’t need to be the key to your heart either. Life can be much simpler, only if we’d take our time to find the beauty that’s hidden deep inside. And sometimes cuteness is sufficient enough to make you say: ‘yes, I do’, like the Balenciaga Guinness Spot on Stripe Vanity Case.

Vanity Cases have been the NEW trend recently and thus Balenciaga Guinness has created one of their own. The Spot on Stripe Collection is the latest release of this brand; it covers both the playfulness and the vintage in one style. Our selection has gone to the Vanity Case because it’s a piece of beauty that you and I would love.

Zip it open to find a large empty space to load your everyday essentials. It’s also an ideal bag to store all your precious cosmetic items. Or use it as a suitcase for your next vacation; your spring break can’t go wrong now. It features a double zipper and printed with playful white, yellow, blue and pink circles on it. Besides the small elasticated internal pockets crafted in the interior, you will also find a small compact mirror in the lid. Made from nylon lining, hold on to the top handle as you go.

The Balenciaga Guinness Spot on Stripe Vanity Case is measured 15 x 22 x 16 cm (H x W x D), it’s extremely light weighed; only 0.21 kg. And the price? Only £85 at Balenciaga e-store.